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After watching Bree delight crowds in my restaurant for over five years, I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to add a unique element of excitement to their event. Bree engages a crowd with her mesmerizing dance style, getting everyone involved. She always performs with a lot of energy and is technically one of the best dancers I’ve seen. Bree is a crowd pleaser and my favourite belly dancer on the Gold Coast.– Ertan Mustafa, Owner, Pasha’s Turkish Restaurant. Est. 1991

Bree is a feminine powerhouse of passion and sensuality in dance. As a spectator I am enthralled and inspired anew every time I see her put her phenomenal curves to purpose. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her technique impeccable and her beauty undeniable. As a student I’ve never felt more embraced, encouraged or supported than I do in Bree’s classes. Her technical instruction is comprehensive and her corrections always clear yet she consistently infuses the class with a sense of joy and excitement. She possesses a vast understanding of all aspects of Middle Eastern Dance and never fails to answer even my most obscure queries. As a woman, and as a dancer I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to watch, learn and take influence from such an incredible performer and teacher.– Victoria Blom, student since 2012

A word Of Truth; We at “Marina Mazzat” Lebanese Restaurant, we’re lucky to be dealing with such a great performer the glamorous Bree has been with us since 2010 performing on a weekly basis, and not only that, she added a lot of sweetness to “Marina Mazzat” with her spectacular performances, but also helped build our repertoire with heaps of satisfied and happy customers. Bree is a gem that we cannot do without, and we thank her for that.- Sam, Marina Mazzat